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About Ferhat Kizilkaya

MLaw, Advocate / Partner

EXPERTISE Ferhat Kizilkaya has over 10 years of profound expertise and experience in legal matters of criminal, family and public law, in particular migration law. With a specialized focus on these areas, Ferhat Kizilkaya is committed to your national and international proceedings. He is adept at analyzing cases and places great emphasis on setting pragmatic goals that are consistently pursued, even when the path to achieving them is challenging.

FOCUS Ferhat Kizilkaya specializes in the confident handling of legal proceedings in various areas, such as criminal law (including road traffic law), family law and migration law. He supports domestic and foreign clients as well as SMEs in the enforcement of their claims.

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Ferhat Kizilkaya studied law at the Universities of Basel and Zurich. He is admitted to the bar in Basel and is authorized to practice law throughout Switzerland. His professional career includes positions at various law firms, a pharmaceutical company and later at the law firm GTK.

LANGUAGES Ferhat Kizilkaya speaks fluent German (mother tongue), English, Turkish and Kurdish.


DIRECT CONTACT | +41 (0) 61 691 01 88

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